You Are Awesome

by Katie Lyons

Have you seen those t-shirts and prints that say "you are enough"? I love them so much and there are so many times that I see one of them online just when I need to see those words. Being enough is definitely something I grapple with, especially since I am a people pleaser and desperately crave everyone to like me. However, a big thing I've learned post college though is that that's not always possible. Not everyone will like you and your goal should be instead to find those that accept you. And I mean really accept you, for the whole you, not just the you you post about on Instagram or Facebook.

As Kacey Musgraves so accurately puts it, "You can't be everyone's cup of tea" and to be perfectly honest you shouldn't be! We are all so unique and those unique qualities are what makes us awesome. Sometimes I have to give myself a little pep talk because it's hard to not see those unique qualities as disadvantages. I am very loud when I get excited, extremely forward and decisive, I laugh a lot - sometimes at very inappropriate times, I have a tendency to say things without thinking about them, I am very tall which makes me intimidating to some, and I have quite a personality to go with all that. It's hard when a relationship or friendship ends, or doesn't even work out, to not go through my list of unique qualities and think about what it was this time that they didn't like or found off-putting. But all of that stops here. It's sad but I actually have to remind myself sometimes that I do in fact have some pretty amazing friends, and they seem to have no problem with any of the qualities I listed above. They truly love me for me and will call me out on my shit if there really is something I should fix or change. But even those things they might call me out on, do not deter them from being with me or loving me.

So with the start of the new year, I am making more of an effort to recognize that I AM AWESOME and everyone is just going to have to deal with it. I don't say this to be haughty or pretentious, in fact I think this is something everyone needs to declare for themselves, no matter how cliche and ridiculous it sounds. Those unique qualities mean you have gifts and talents to offer that no one else can, a way of looking at the world that only you posses - this is never something to be ashamed of. And that means you should never have to convince someone to love you, to spend time with you, or to invest in a relationship with you. If you do, that relationship is not worth it, and you should move on. Because..... You Are Awesome and those that are worth it will not only learn to deal with your awesomeness, but will love you for it!

If you need a way to remind yourself of your awesomeness, please feel free to save the image below and use it as your phone or tablet background.