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I love music, photography, and dance and when they come together I am in my happy place.  So when I hear an amazing song, the first thing I think of is choreography and then I think of how I can capture it so it will last forever.  That is basically what happened the first time I heared Noah Gundersen's song, "Fire."  It is a chilling yet beautiful song about a boy's coming of age and his understanding of sin and it's grip on his life.  In the end, even though he finds Jesus "in the rags of poverty," he still chooses to find freedom "in the wild eyes of the dancing girls" (prostitution) and "in the open arms of America."  I shot these photos at Church of the Redeemer in Nashville and a huge thanks Anna and her friends for modeling for me.

Film Photography Final: Part 2

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So about a month an a half ago I published

part one

of my final for film photography and now I'm going to share the rest of the story and pictures with you (mainly because I finally found them!).  So if you remember I explained my concept for my project had shifted due to my professors heavy encouragement.  I had asked my two friends Taylor and Kai to help me out and be my models since they both had dance experience and we picked two hours around sunset to take the photos in the park behind library in downtown Wheaton.  Unfortunately, by the time we got to the photos with Kai for my representation of Singin' in the Rain, the light was almost gone.  This makes things very difficult with film because the less light the longer the shutter must be open and more movement will be shown in the picture.  Below are the few good shots I got with one dud to show how much light can affect the perfect shot.

Ideally the last shot would have been the pose I would have used because it really encapsulates the famous scene but because of the lack of light there was no way to get a to get a good take of this pose (Kai makes it look easy but the pose was a little harder to keep still than I had anticipated).  I decided instead to go with the first shot above and added it to the three others I picked from the plethora of shots I had from the other three scenes.  The final four pictures ended up being....

The Sound of Music


An American in Paris

Singin' in the Rain (note that it is a different black than the others because it was scanned on a different scanner than the previous photos).

I then organized them on the board like such.

I liked how I had two shots close up and two shots farther away and I liked the circular flow of the pictures in a square rather than a straight line.  I also liked that while I had a purpose for each pose, if a random onlooker didn't know that they could still enjoy a cute story of boy meets girl.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and I always love feedback.  Let me know which ones are your favorites of the project and the story you see from the final set up.

Film Photography Final: Part 1

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The second semester of my junior year I took Photography 1 which was an introduction to black and white film photography.  I am really glad I took the class and looking back at it I'm realizing I need to keep up the skills I learned in shooting, developing, and printing black and white film so I might take some more classes in this area in the fall somewhere close to me.  I finally got my hands on some scans of my project thanks to Taylor but I still need to scan others so below is part 1 of my photos for my final in the class.

It started with the first shot I took below in which I was attempting to shoot my beautiful friend and dance model,


, in dance poses with the Chicago Metra train moving in the background to give the illusion of the movement needed in the for the dance pose. 

This is another shot from the same evening with the Taylor but the train was gone, it was raining, and I still had at least 6 shots to fill up the role of film so we took some shots of her in the rain and this one turned out really well.

So I showed the first photo and three similar photos with different poses to my professor for our first critique in the project and while he didn't like my concept at all he did really love the first photo above (but that was about it).  He said it reminded him of the musical Sound of Music and heavily suggested that I should focus on capturing the essence of different musicals.  I still wanted to focus on dance so I decided to focus on dance musicals, with the exception of Sound of Music.  The Musicals I decided to focus on were Singin' in the Rain, Bandwagon, and An American in Paris.  I again asked Taylor to model and our friend Kai, an awesome football player, lacrosse star, and dancer.

Here are the shots I took for An American in Paris (Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron) in trying to capture 



of a very iconic dance scene at the end of the movie.

I then took these shots to encapsulate


scene from Bandwagon with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse.

Check back for part 2 where I'll show my photos of Kai replicating Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain and my final four photos I submitted for my project.

Final Product: EN POINTE Magazine

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It's a rainy day so I figured I would update my blog.  I have a lot I need to put up here and believe it or not I still have pictures from England (Northern Excursion) I still haven't finished editing... UGH! But here is the final edition of my magazine.  Now there is no actual text, it's all just random latin to fill where the text would be because I didn't have enough time to write all the articles (maybe I'll do it later).  Hope you enjoy!