Northern Excursion Part II

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This is the last post you will have to endure with pictures of my study abroad trip to England.  In it are more pictures from Ambleside with a ferry ride we took to tour the lake and this beautiful overlook I stumbled upon one gorgeous evening as the sun set.  Then on the way back to Oxford we stopped at Coventry Cathedral for a couple hours.  It was a very beautifully solemn experience since the original cathedral stands in ruins from a bombing in World War 2.  However, the new cathedral built next to the ruins is proof of God's goodness and a gorgeous reminder of beauty that can come through our struggles.  Enjoy.


Group Candid.... lol

Oh you know just someone practicing on the lake, no big deal.

I just love when the camera captures the sun spots! 

Nothing like some evening sailing.

The youth hostel we stayed in.

I was feeling a little introspective one evening and just needed to be alone so I decided to go out exploring and I found Jenkins Crag.  One of the best nights of the trip for me.

Just sitting in the field with some sheep.

I will never forget this view! It is forever etched in my mind.

The little passageway from the path up the hill to the hill and lookout point.  I felt like such an adventurer. 

No cars.  A very quiet evening in Ambleside.

My wish was that I would one day find my way back to Ambleside.

I started A Severe Mercy on the plane ride at the beginning of the trip and I finished it sitting on the patio outside the hostel on that beautiful crisp evening.  A beautiful book to finish in such a beautiful place.


The ruins of the old Cathedral.

This was one of the crosses that was charred when the church was bombed.

Angels and Saints etched into the glass protecting the rebuilt Cathedral

The City on the Hill.

These tablets were in between ever stained glass window in the sanctuary. 

A beautiful prayer chapel with an exquisite wall installation of Michael the Archangel. 

Charred pieces of wood from the ruins of the original cathedral that make up a crown of thorns in the one of the commemorative rooms.

Another one of the crosses that was in the old cathedral when it was bombed.

"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34