Northern Excursion Part I

by Katie Ann in , ,

It is a year from my arrival back to the States after six weeks of traipsing around the English countryside and it only took me year to get the copious amount of pictures I took on my trip edited.  These last pictures come from the Northern Excursion of our trip where we stayed in a very cute youth hostel on the lake in Ambleside.  The trip also included a day trip and overnight stay at Durham University (which was a castle!), a day trip to the Moors to see the Bronte House & Museum, another day trip to Rydal Mount to see Wordsworth's House and Museum, and ended with an afternoon at Coventry Cathedral before heading back to Oxford.  Now there are over a hundred photos I want to share with you from this portion of my trip so I'm going to split it into two parts.  Hope you enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorite.


This is the cute village that Bronte's house was situated in and I just could not get over how quant and perfect it was!



This was the youth hostel we stayed in and it was right on the water! So cool!


Dr. Ryken has an unhealthy fear of sheep because of a childhood incident so anywhere we found sheep close to us he made it his duty to shoo them away.

This town was so cute! I mean come on, how adorable is this shop!

The little cafe where I ate my lunch by the water... it was so picturesque! 

The gloomy yet peaceful ride back to Ambleside.

Part two will cover more pictures of beautiful Ambleside and pictures of our final trip of the excursion to Coventry Cathedral.  Again I hope you enjoyed the photos and please feel free to comment below.