The Beautiful Sarah

by Katie Ann in

I know I said the next thing I would put up was Film Photography Final: Part 2 but I just did a photo shoot tonight and could not resist editing and sharing these photos immediately!  You might have seen my sister featured in a blog post I did about her senior photos that I took for her last summer.  She is so beautiful that I just couldn't pass up the chance to photograph her again this summer before she goes off to college.  She had this dress that she got for prom junior year but never wore so we decided to use it tonight.  I then thought i would look beautiful with a flower crown so I went to the local grocery store, got some carnations, and whipped up the pretty accessory.  There were two locations for the photos and each one gave a different feel for the set of photos, one being very warm and the other being a bit colder.  All together I am so pleased with the photos and it really made me realize how much I LOVE taking close up shots!  I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you like!