M.S.L. - The Tall Girl

by Katie Ann

For many years I have frequently been told, "Wow, you're tall!"  I know they mean well but every single time someone says this to me I just want to snap back, "No! Really???"  I mean, my tallness is no new thing.  Since grade school I've been about a foot taller than most of my peers.  Thankfully it's evened out a bit since then, but I am still significantly taller than most people I know.  It makes going out on dressy dates awkward because while I love to wear heals I hate being extremely taller than my date, especially when dancing.  In a Cosmo poll, 83% of guys said they didn't mind and actually found it attractive when their dates were taller than them but I would rather not have a date's face at my chest the whole night while we dance.  I was really hoping there would be more tall guys here at Wheaton and I would finally be able to eliminate this tallness deficiency I've had to deal with since grade school.  However, there aren't a lot of them here and most of them are on the basketball team and while I was hoping that dance team would get  me on some of their radars, unfortunately it has not worked out that way.
So needless to say I was very excited this year when I realized that I did not need to have a date for dance team banquet.  I usually need one because we go out salsa dancing but with no dancing this year, why on earth would I struggle finding an outfit that works with the height restrictions I'm given being here at Wheaton and pay for another person to make awkward small talk with.  So I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity and put on my highest heals and had a great time eating an amazing dinner with my girls and celebrating the last four years I've had on the team.
At the end of the dinner I went to the bathroom and in front of me was this gorgeous tall woman wearing platform heals!  In the bathroom she asked me how tall I was, I responded 5'11" and she told me she was 6 foot!  I then commented on how it was nice to see another tall woman wearing heals and she said she thought the same thing.  We had very pleasant bathroom small talk and at the end I made some comment about not having a date and consequently wearing my tallest heals.  Her response was precious, "You'll just have to find a tall guy so you can wear them whenever you want to, it's not too hard."  As we excited the bathroom I went to take pictures the with the rest of my group and she walked off with her very tall and handsome husband.