EN POINTE Magazine

by Katie Ann

For our huge project this semester in Graphic Design 2 we are making our own magazine.  We have to have five possible covers, a 24 page or more magazine for one of those covers, and a package design for a freebee we would give away if someone bought a two year subscription to our magazine.  So far I have 3 our the 5 covers, around 14 of my 24 pages done, and no idea what my package design is going to be let alone my package.  We are supposed to use photos we are either in or have taken ourselves.  So far I've only used photos I'm in, which feels a little vain, but I still have two cover photos I have to take and they will not feature me.  The idea of the magazine is that it is for the everyday dancer and would come out every two months.  Each month has a theme and deals with how it applies to the dancer: Jan/Feb - Health Edition, March/April - Art Edition, May/June - Men's Edition, July/August - Style Edition, Sept/Oct - Student Edition, Nov/Dec - Holiday Edition (which I will not be doing a cover for).  Here are the three covers I have done so far.  Enjoy.