One of My Favorites

by Katie Ann

I'm going to start a new segment called "One of My Favorites" and it is going to be a quote that I've either read that week or an old one I have stored away in my book of quotes (yes I have a whole book devoted to my favorite quotes!).  I'm going to try to be consistent with this and do at least one a week that way, even if I am completely swamped and not really able to do anything creative with writing or art I will at least have something up on my blog.  So here is to the first "One of My Favorites".  This quote is from a book I am reading in my English Senior Seminar called "Galatea 2.2" by Richard Powers.  Enjoy.

"'See you,' I said. My tag line. Still the only way I have to say goodbye. See you. What did it mean? No tense. Elliptical. Almost an imperative. It must have been the last thing I ever said to [him]. See you."
~ Richard Powers, "Galatia 2.2"