A New Year...

by Katie Ann

A new year... and this year is especially scary because with it comes a lot of unknowns.  I've never really been at a point where I didn't know what was going to happen next.  In middle school you knew high school would come and then college and of course after college comes work, but it's such a different thing than just picking a school to attend.  There are so many options and I have way to many passions.  I want to be happy in whatever I do, no matter how much money I don't make in the process but with finding a job there are so many questions and logistics.  Where am I going to live, how I am going to pay rent, oh my gosh I have to file taxes myself: I am completely on my own.  My parents are wonderful and will be so very helpful but it's such a weird and scary time.  I know I'll graduate in May but other than that the rest of the year is open to so much and I've never been one to not have a plan, and it's always been a very specific plan at that.
I'm also horrible at making new years resolutions.  Well, I make plenty but hardly ever do any of them, which is just pointless.  So this year I think I'm going to skip that tradition and try something else.  I saw the 365 project recently on a blog called A Beautiful Mess.  It's basically where you attempt to take a picture of yourself every single day which sounds very vain I think would be really interesting.  I don't think it necessarily needs to be a self portrait but just a picture of you, something you're wearing, or doing and I think it is a great way I can come at this unknown year I will be facing.  I think that this will really stretch me as a photographer to not only get a photo a day but will really help me see my transition and change that I've gone through at the end of this year.  I definitely won't be posting all these photos but I thought I would post my first here.  Enjoy and have a happy new year!

I thought the blurriness was very appropriate for this unknown year.  It also gave me my first lesson in photography for the year... always check if the auto focus is on or not... this is what happens when it is not.