M.S.L. - Talking to the Crush

by Katie Ann

I literally can not flirt, in fact I can't even carry on a normal conversation with someone I like.  I truly turn into one of those blundering idiots you think only exist in those make-over romantic comedies.  Case in point was my first encounter with this guy that I like.  Now he actually knows who I am, which is an upside from the four boys I have encountered in the last year who did not remember me at all even though we had met several times (maybe a story for another MSL).  But since he knows me, actually remembers me, and says hi to me, he unfortunately does not fit into the category of a CFA (crush from afar).  While I usually hate CFA's, there is an odd comfort that the attraction really is from afar meaning you are really just physically attracted to some guy who does not even know you exist and when you stalk him on facebook and see that he likes the same movies as you, you convince yourself you're soul mates.  But I digress.  So I come across this boy that I developed a crush on at the end of last school year and of course in my first encounter I pull the "over-excited" card.  I think my loud, high pitched peppy question actually startled him.  As soon as he left I realized how stupid I was, mentally berated myself with "you're so stupid" comments, and made a mental note to be much cooler and calmer the next time I saw him.
Unfortunately the second time wasn't much better.  First of all, we ran into each other after I worked out so I was extremely sweaty, my face was as red as a tomato, and I kind of looked like a truck just ran over me.  He, being the sweet, nice guy he is, said hi to me and I returned the hi.  He then proceeded to make conversation with me but the whole time my responses were what I thought were a very cool "it's no big deal I'm talking to you" types of answers.  We finally said our goodbyes and I turn to look at my brother, who just witnessed the whole awkward conversation, and see him smile in amusement.  He then proceeds to tell me that I might want to actually smile and perk it up a bit because I just talked to the boy like I was dead and not too happy to see him.  FAIL!
So there you have it folks/the three people that maybe read this blog.  I am completely inept at speaking to boys that I like and will probably be perpetually single because of this.  Now I'm definitely over exaggerating, but I find it interesting that even with age, the awkwardness does not go away.  I still have those Princess Diaries type moments of "someone sat on me again" and knocking things over/running into things in front of huge groups of people.  I really hope that someday some boy finds it amusing and kind of endearing.  Here's to hoping.
Ever had any awfully awkward moments with a crush?  Make me feel better about mine and comment your most awkward moment below.   :)