Feeling the Love

by Katie Ann

I have the best roommates EVER! They are super grounded, compassionate, and love the Lord!  I feel so loved and so far it is a match made in heaven.  I literally have not had this much fun living with others for a long time and while school does need to get done, the late nights chats and watching episodes of One Tree Hill have just been amazing.  I really can not say anything negative about them and I am really praying this positive experience will continue the rest of the year.  The cherry on top is that one of my roommates is one of my best friends and my dancing sister, Carly Price!  She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet; so bubbly and so confident.  She makes everyone else around her feel like they're the only one that matters and it's that kind of personality that attracts so many people to her.

To say this week has been a long week would be an understatement and I truly would not have made it through without these girls.  Carly is the one who always seems to understand and relate (especially with dance stuff), Meredith literally tried out for dance team to support the two of us (and made it I might add!), Shannon is a breath of fresh air with her "tell it how it is" attitude, and Valerie so sweet and always asking me how my day was.  Without these girls, this week would have been a lot different and while I'm still getting to know Meredith, Shannon, and Valerie I can tell this is going to be one awesome year!

In celebration of this awesome house of girls and since we all looked gorgeous (as usual) today I decided to do a little photo shoot this afternoon.  Enjoy!

Meet Carly


Meet Shannon

Meet Meredith

Meet Valerie