A Successful Craft Day

by Katie Ann

My best friend and I love having craft days when we're both home and luckily we got to do one last one before we both left for our senior year of college.  She does these amazing collage creations with letters and pictures she's cut out from magazines, and while I am usually working on a new flower creation, I decided to do something different this time.  I had this white L hook and it just looked so blan.  I was planning on using mod podge and covering it in paper from paper source but then I remembered that I had my embossing dryer and that I could emboss an awesome pattern on to it.  So I did it and it turned out a lot better than I could have ever expected.  I used some painters tape to mark off where I didn't want the turquoise on the front and then just covered the sides with green.  Definitely going to emboss some other things in the near future but for right now I think I'm just going to figure out where to hang this in my house.