The Love Language Called Dance

by Katie Ann

So more pictures of my England adventures will be up along with great senior portraits of my beautiful sister that I took but unfortunately my computer hard drive is almost full so I have to get an external first before I do anymore photography.  Anyways here is a short post I wrote.

This is the time of year is where dance is constantly on my mind, especially this year.  The tv series So You Think You Can Dance is down to the top 10 dancers, ABC Family's tv series Bunheads just had their summer finale this week, Step Up 4 just came out in theaters, and the 2012-2013 Thunderette's Dance Team year is just starting.  And with all of that on my mind, I found myself musing over past dance team banquets and group dates to Estaban's in Naperville.  Estaban's is a really nice dining and dancing facility where my friends and I like to go to salsa dancing whether it's just a small group on a Saturday evening or the much bigger production of Dance Team Banquet.  I have so many wonderful memories of dancing there with friends and with patrons but from those experiences I've come to realize something; dance is a love language.  First, going out dancing is probably one of the few times I actually feel like a lady.  I'm all dressed up and a man is twirling me around a dance floor; you can't not feel special.  Second, it forces a guy to be a man and lead.  The guy is tasked with maneuvering his lady around a overcrowded dance floor, making sure she doesn't get kicked or hit by another couple, and that she has a great time as well (and who said men couldn't multitask?).  Basically, if a guy can get you through an evening of dancing at Estaban's you can pretty much guarantee he can lead you through life and make sure you had a great time while doing so.

Ok, so maybe that last line was a bit of an exaggeration, but I do think there is something huge to be said for a man who enjoys dancing.  It is a quality that always makes me more interested in a guy.  He doesn't have to be a master, but if he can have a good time, not take himself to seriously, and enjoy twirling and dipping a girl around the dance floor, he's a keeper in my book.