M.S.L. - Old Man to the Rescue?

by Katie Ann

Author's Note: M.S.L. stands for Musings of a Single Lady - pretty self-explanatory and I plan to do future posts under this same heading.  Also please do not take me too seriously with this  post.  If you are questioning if I'm being serious or not, gravitate towards me being very sarcastic.

The other day I decided to take a study break to watch something, really to do anything but read more.  Unfortunately, I did not bring any DVDs with me and since I can't stream any U.S. tv shows I found myself in a quandary.  Thank God for YouTube.  I quickly found the whole film of, The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, and greatly enjoyed watching it for I think the fourth or fifth time.  However, at the end of it I was thinking back to the beginning of the film where Matthew McCnaughey saves Jennifer Lopez from a stray dumpster and I thought, in the immortal words of Carol Kane in The Princess Bride, "LIAR, LIAR, LIAAAARRRRR!"  When on earth, in real life, does a gorgeous guy end up saving you or helping you out of a disaster? In my experience it's always been old men! 

Now that statement in itself is very odd so let me explain.  In my very clumsy existence there have been two vivid instances where I have thought, of all the times for a cute boy to come to my rescue, this is one of them, and each time I've been responded with a no.  The first time was the summer after my freshman year of high school when my brother and I were invited to go to CreationFest with some family friends.  It was nearing towards the end of the week and the whole day it rained.  Being very muddy and gross, my girlfriend and I decided to go back and shower before the evening concerts.  All nice and clean we loaded on the bus to go from the camp ground to the concert area.  Now just because we were all clean and dry does not mean that everything else was clean and dry and the bus just happened to be as wet and as muddy as could be.  As we unloaded off the bus, I, in my usual clumsy state, slipped and slid down the bus steps to the muddy ground below and in the process badly scrapped up my back.  Laying there in the mud a couple of thoughts went through my mind.  1. Wow that really just happened. 2. Oh my gosh my back hurts so bad.  3. Well that was a waste of a shower.  4. Maybe, just maybe a cute guy will help me up and at least then it will some what be worth it.  Unfortunately, it was not one of the 100s of cute boys that attend CreationFest every year, but a very sweet older man who nicely helped me up to my feet and made sure I was ok before leaving me and my friend to find the first aid tent.  What a disappointment, but not enough to completely diminish the hope of a cute boy coming to my rescue in the future.  

Then this year, actually about a month ago, I had a very fun bike accident.  I was biking to Saga (my college's cafeteria) from the house that I was staying at off campus for pre-trip classes and I completely wiped out in front of around 20-30 middle aged Presbyterian men.  They were all on campus for a conference that week and had just gotten out of a seminar when my bike chain decided to slip, causing me to lose control of the bike and ending up on the ground.  Some of them just went on their way, but most of them quickly surrounded me as I laid there wincing in pain.  They soon were all asking at once if I was ok, asking what they could do, telling me I should probably just lay still for a while, some of them even pulling out their phones getting ready to dial 911.  My favorite response from one onlooker to the other onlookers question of if anything was hurt was, "Yeah, her pride."  I didn't really say a lot but just kind of put on a brave face and did a "yeah I'm fine" nod, quickly getting myself up off the ground, picking up my bike and slowly limping towards the cafeteria. Don't get me wrong, they were super nice and being very kind but again, where was the cute boy that was supposed to rush to my side, look deep into my eyes and ask beautifully, "Are you ok?" I'll tell... NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

I've resigned myself, or at least I think I have, to the idea that that is never going to happen.  Once again the media has found a way to shape my ideas and perceptions of how life should play out.  So I think I'm just going to go through life, and any other clumsy incidents, with no expectations on who will show up and just be pleasantly surprise at who God providential places there to help.  

And note to God; I don't mind if that happens to be a very cute boy.