True London

by Katie Ann

I have been here almost a week and it has been fabulous but very fast paced.  The days are starting to blur together and if it weren't for the copious amounts of pictures I've taken and the constant journaling, I would not be able to tell anyone what I did each day.  However, out of all of the things I've done, last night stands out in my mind the most, the night I had the pleasure of seeing Phantom of the Opera.  From the opening scene of the chandelier rising to the ceiling, I got goose bumps and they never seemed to go away.  We didn't have the greatest seats in the world and the right corner of the stage was a bit obstructed, but that didn't diminish a thing.  Every individual was cast perfectly; Christine's voice was flawless, the Phantom brought a fantastic range, and every other character amazed me with their talent.  It was truly magical and I didn't want it to end.  However, even thought the performance ended, the magic of the night did not.  As my small group went off to catch the tube back to the hotel we came across some street performers in the square.  The movements their bodies were able to make were incredible and as they did their different handstand tricks and other break dancing moves with the night lights of the city as their backdrop, I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.
As one of my friends on the trip helped me realize that we've been going to incredible historic and studious sites, for which I am so blessed to be apart of, but it's moments like last night that I feel like I am taking in the true London.  I experienced another one of these moments on our second day here in the city when we were making our way to the Museum of London.  While we're here, the festival of London is going on and they have strategically placed upright piano's all around the city for people to play.  Just in front of the museum, a man was playing the piano and then teaching anyone who walked by, old and young.  It was at that moment that it finally hit me, I was in London.  I was actually experiencing London for once, experiencing the people not just hurrying all, looking at site after site.  And what an amazingly beautiful city it is! 

Favorite Place so far: Dover Castle in Kent 
Favorite sound: the birds chirpping
Favorite smell: all the flowers around the city
Favorite idiom: being called "love"
Least favorite things: this internet connection (it’s taken me an hour to get this blog post up), paying 10 pounds for laundry, and 3 hour bus rides in the heat with no ac