London Calling

by Katie Ann

As I wrote the title for this post I couldn't help but think of the Clash song, "London Calling" playing as Amanda Bynes travels to London in search of her father in the movie "What I Girl Wants."  My journey to London is going to be a tad different though.  I will be traveling with an awesome group of Wheaton students and two top Wheaton English professors to London June 22nd through August 2nd studying Shakespearian and Arthurian Literature! The only downside of this trip has been the packing, and if you didn't know already, I LOATH packing.  Basically the weather could be as low as 55 or as high as 85, rain or shine.  Add packing for a month and a half and I'm hoping you could see how I would be freaking out about having enough clothes or enough of anything and everything that I could possibly need.  While I have been to Lima, Peru for a week and a half on a mission trip, it is also a little nerve racking to think I'll be in a foreign country for a month and half.  But the big news of this week was that we received our schedule for our time over in the UK and when I read over it, the English major part of me absolutely screamed with delight.  We are traveling to places like Keats' house, Stonehenge, Bath, Tintern Abbey, and there is even a day devoted to C.S. Lewis sites (how much more Wheaton can you get!).  In fact one of my awesome friends, Brandon Wold, who is going on the trip with me, even made an interactive googlemap with all the places we will be stopping (I just wrote it all in my planner but I guess making a googlemaps is a lot cooler).  Anyways I hope you all will keep up with me as I update this blog with post about my travels and experiences overseas.  Also your prayers would be much appreciated.

The Googlemap of our travels

P.S. Did you know that Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the St. Stephen's Tower and not the name of the tower? Just a little piece of UK Trivia for you :)