Hitting it Hard

by Katie Ann

Blachard lawn reading spot

The past two weeks have been a world wind of activity and I am just starting to get those wonderful little butterflies in expectation of my travels on Friday.  Summer ended the first day of classes with my first class beginning at 8 am, which means I have to be up at 6.45 so I can leave the house by 7:15, bike a little over a mile, and get to saga in enough time to grab a quick breakfast before class.  The craziness of class has not been much different and over the last week and a half I have read four of Shakespeare's plays and around 500 pages of Arthurian legends.
There have been good and bad moments, and I like to start off with the bad.  Two days into my time here at Wheaton, on a bike ride back to campus in order to grab dinner with the group and have a little study party, I completely wiped out on my bike and  badly tore up the my left leg.  I am finally on the mend, but it definitely put in a lot of added stress and inconvenience to my time here.  But then there is the good, like great friends.  The couple that I am living with is wonderful to me.  Besides the great food I am being fed, they have taken me to several doctors appointments, they drove me to and from school the day and a half I was on crutches, and are just over all wonderful to me.  I could not possibly thank them enough for letting me stay in their house to save a little extra money, let alone everything else they have done and provided for me while I have been here.  But what has been really remarkable is all the wonderful friends I have made with the people that I will be going on the trip with.  They have all welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to come crash at the apartments and have wonderful late night conversations about everything from literature to relationships.  When I was shortly on my crutches, the encouragement and support I received was such a blessing and I can not thank all of them enough.  We have grown to be a family; watching movies together on the weekends, getting meals together, and having really fun reading parties (because what else do you do when you are an english major).  I am so thankful for this time here to bond and form these relationships before we head off across the pond.
That being said, within the next three days before I leave there is a lot left I have to do, so any prayer you would be willing to lift up on my account would be much appreciated.  It is finally hitting me what I am embarking on and I could not be more excited.  After this Thursday, there are no more classes for a couple of weeks and just a fabulous time with wonderful people in the epic city of London awaits me.  Bring it on!