Tulle to Tutu

by Katie Ann

I just signed out a card reader from the art department, so I finally got the pictures off of my sony camera which means I have a lot to put up on my blog.  So first I'm going to show you all my crafty creation from Spring Break.  I decided to make Miss Abigail Wigley a tutu for her first birthday.  I've been itching to make one since I made one for my dance team's christmas performance.  I personally think that Abigail will look a lot cuter than I ever did but anyways here are the pictures of the tutu.
*click on the photo to see a bigger image of it.

Also awesome little side note is that I actually got a job out of this! One of the party goers who owns her own photography studio saw the tutu in the present pile and has asked me to make her one or two for her studio!  I'll be sure to put up photos of those after I make them :)