Some New Lyrics

by Katie Ann

I have felt a little bit inspired since I completed my last song and the other day, sitting in chapel, I was musing over some things that I had been told recently.  Last Sunday, I was fortunate to hear Donald Miller speak and I really enjoyed everything he had to say and everything that it reaffirmed.  His main point, being an author was that we should live our lives like a well written story.  He then defined a story which is about a person, wanting something, and over coming obstacles to get it.  As a literature major I really appreciated his point and thought it made a lot of sense.  From this over arching point, he explained that maybe God doesn't always tell us, "this is what you are going to do" but instead takes the role of an extremely functional father, encouraging us in our passions that we have and in this case, He has given each of us.  I have always believed and held on to this idea but from time to time this thought gets frustrating to me.  Passions like dance, for me, do not come without a lot of sacrifice.  Now I know that everything that is worth having takes sacrifice but this type of sacrifice is different.  It is my own sacrifice of health.  I have been more injured and hurt more dancing than I have ever when I played four years of varsity soccer.  Also , some dance moves I just can't even physically do.  When I hit these walls dancing my question is always, "Why God would you give me such a passion for dance and it's beauty when I can't even do it?"  Now I haven't answered this question by any means and it has happened before with other passions in my life before but I think what I've realized is that no matter what I still have to trust Him.  Ultimately, it will all make sense and just because I am extremely impatient and have no way to even be able to comprehend what is really going on doesn't mean that God has made a mistake.  So these lyrics are a more condensed version of these idea.


A broken body full of aches and pains
And I can't think to do anything but complain
About how I can't seem to understand
This life, my God, or His plans

Everything I ever thought I would do
God shuts this door and then that one too
So the passions I have must not be
Any sort of indication of what God wants for me

But in the end it's still up to You
In the end all I want to want is You
All You ever do is for my good
So show me and guide me in what to do

I don't expect a sign in the sky
I don't expect to magically be able to fly
I understand the need to take action
But what is action if there is no direction

But in the end it's still up to You
In the end all I want to want is You
All You ever do is for my good
So show me and guide me in what to do

I know I'll never fully understand
Or even begin to be able to comprehend
Everything that You are and do
But I pray You give me strength to
In the end just trust in You