The Calm after the Storm

by Katie Ann

I am finally done with school for the semester and now actually have time to focus on photos that I like rather than fulfilling one photography assignment after another.  Don't get me wrong, I really liked my photography class... for the most part.  The professor was a little infuriating with his constant questions, "What is its meaning?" in which my response was usually, "none?"  But during the course of the semester I did learn a lot about digital photography and it did get me some really cool photographs to add to my portfolio.  My final project for the end of the semester was to have five panoramas and they were really fun, especially the ones I shot at a horse farm in Danada, IL.  Unfortunately, the files for all of my panoramas are so big that my blog is just not conducive to publishing the photos yet.  However, while taking photos for those panorama's, I did get several independent shots which I am very proud of.  I've only had time to edit one but here it is with hopefully more to come.
This particular shot was taken at the Springbrooke Prairie in Naperville, IL.  It had been raining the whole week and I still needed two more panoramas for my project.  So Saturday I looked out my window at around 1pm and the clouds and started to clear and the sun was coming out.  At 3pm I realized the sun was staying and jumped in my car to get to the Prairie.  This was one of the last shots that I took that evening and it was just icing on the cake for an already great photo session.