An American in Paris

by Katie Ann

I am in love with Gene Kelly's movie, An American in Paris and this shot is from a dream sequence that Gene Kelly's character has after he's just lost the love of his life to another man.  This scene has amazing choreography and always makes me happy but this black and white snapshot of part of the scene is what I love the most.  Leslie Caron, his love interests character, is in this beautiful flowing dress that looks like it has garlands of the flowers that they are surrounded by and Gene Kelly is standing in all his glory perfectly supporting Caron in every turn and lift.

Now for my digital photography class we went over filters.  They're pretty fun and allow you to drastically change a picture into different formats.  We were told to take a picture either that we've taken or one from the internet and fool around with the filters and brushes and what better picture to do that to then this exact shot from An American in Paris.  So here are the photos i did with filters and a little bit of other photoshop magic.

This one is using the colored pencil filter.  However it showed up too dark so I had to up the brightness in order to be able to see more clearly everything that was going.

This one is using the dry brush.

This one uses the fresco filter.

This one uses the sketch filter called note paper.

This one is note paper as well but i lowered both the brightness and the contrast to the lowest setting allowing it to look like a completely different picture.

I was very intentional with every filter I used.  The plot of An American in Paris is about an American painter who goes to Paris to paint after the war.  I wanted all of my filtered views of the original picture to then look as if an artist had done them.  The only one that doesn't look that way is the first note paper one but I liked it too much not to use it.  However I thought the second one looked a lot like what an artist could render so it all worked out in the end.  I'm really excited about this project and even though it was just a little mini exercise, I'm actually thinking about printing these out one day and making a collage with them.