My Own Airplane Poem

by Katie Ann

I've always wanted to write a poem or a song about flying in a plane.  I don't know why but I always have this deep desire as I board the aircraft and yet when I pull out that piece of paper I can never write anything.  But I finally did it.  So here is my airplane poem.

Sitting by myself on a crowded plane,
So many places to go with so many people to see.
And somehow in all the chaos I feel extremely at peace.
And now as we clime higher in the sky
I wonder at how the mass of such a creature,
Is able to flutter and fly like a weightless butterfly.
And as I look out this window, my small hole,
I see a world of so much untold.
A place where only birds have the majesty to grace
And see all the great wonders hidden in this place.
Yet, for a little while I get to see, I am able to be
And exist in this sky as blue as the sea.
With clouds so big and fluffy I feel as though
If I just jumped I would bounce off straight to the moon.
But this little rest must soon come to an end.
For I have places to go and people to see.
And somehow in all the chaos, I must find some peace.