Why is it called Struggle Pretty?

I have struggled (haha, get it?) with what to call my shop for a couple of years now. I do a lot of different artistic and crafty things so coming up with one name to encompass all of that seemed impossible. I'm such perfectionist and it has always bothered me that my art doesn't always reflect that; but then I realized that some of my favorite creations weren't perfect in some way, shape, or form–and that was what made them so pretty.

When will you have more prints?

With being new to this home business process and also working a full time job, life is a bit crazy so timelines are little hard to nail down at the moment. But if you would like updates, check out my contact page and sign up for my newsletter. And as always, please contact me either thru my shop or the contact page if you have a print you would like me to create for you.  

Do you do custom work?

I love doing custom work! Nothing makes me happier than when one of my friends asks me to do a print with their favorite lyric or quote for something as simple as their living room wall or as grand as their wedding day.  If you have something you would like to commission me to create, simply contact me through my shop or my blog, and let's have a conversation.

Do you just do prints?

As of right now, my shop will just consist of prints.  In the future, I would love for my shop to encompass other artistic expressions, like photography and physical installations.